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A 2009 Stone Soup comic



2 Responses to “A little sandwich generation humor”

  1. This simple comic strip says a lot.
    That’s why visual storytelling and humor are important.
    I can say from my own vantage point that the sandwich generation effect my family as well. My mom would be the woman standing on the side of the fence wondering about my stability in the future!
    It’s hard to care for a generation older and younger than you and feel like the only one on solid ground. Hang in there Rodika!

    • Rodika says:

      So true, I think parents at some point do wonder how things would go if they became the top of the sandwich. It’s not something we like to think about (of course it helps to be younger). It will be interesting to see if I’m more likely to discuss the topic when my kids become adults because I have gone through it myself.

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